[The entire fabric market has not all improved]
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At present, the entire fabric market has not all improved, and the market is “unevenly hot and cold”!

Li Dong has passed, and in the past, this winter is the beginning. However, Xiao Bian looked at the temperature of 20 degrees, and felt that this winter was particularly "warm". In addition, meteorologists also said that the probability of cold winter this year is zero!

“This autumn is particularly long!” said an old mage who has been engaged in textile for more than a decade.

Recently, most textile people are looking forward to coming soon in winter. After all, only the temperature drops, and a year of down jackets and cotton clothes can be sold in the market. It also drives garment factories and brand owners to place orders for fabrics, but today’s market is on the market. As the current weather is the same, it is not warm! Recently, Xiao Bian learned from the major weaving clusters in Jiangsu and Zhejiang that the entire fabric market has not improved all the time, and the market is “unevenly hot and cold”!

Haining market: It really moved, and the operating rate has obviously rebounded!

Since the beginning of this year, the Haining market has not slowed down from the strength of the “Great Leap Forward”. Since 2017 and 2018, the company has introduced thousands of KS warp knitting machines, and the market production capacity has increased by more than 20%. This has also broken the good days of KS warp knitting for three consecutive years.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to worry about increasing inventory and shrinking demand. The contradiction between supply and demand in the market has become prominent, which has led to the low operating rate of Haining market this year. I heard that many cloth owners who originally worked in the fur industry and turned to the warp knitting industry have already retired and are ready to leave.

But in late October, the market winds seem to have begun to change. At the end of September, there were not many fabrics on the market. Only some of the ammonia super-standards were better. However, in addition to the conventional ammonia super, the sales of other fabrics such as mesh fabric, gold velvet, loop velvet and corduroy were different. As the degree improved, the warp knitting manufacturers produced better enthusiasm, and the operating rate rose from 70% at the end of September to around 8-90%.

Liu Zong, who is mainly engaged in mesh crystal velvet and swimwear cloth, said: "The current 9 KS warp knitting machines in the factory are full. The orders in our factory are still good in October, although the profit margin is not as high as last year, but The basic profit can be guaranteed! According to industry insiders, the current raw material price is at a low level, and the market finished product price is low, which has aroused the enthusiasm of the tourists for the purchase of fabrics, and the market market has shown a short "hot".

Changxing Market: The grey cloth is “stacked like a mountain”, and the manufacturers have no choice but to cut production!

"There is no peak season in this year's market. Customers don't place orders. We don't dare to get the goods in the grey cloth factory. What if you are in your hands?" said the trader Sun. Changxing, as the third textile production county in Shaoxing and Xiaoshan in Zhejiang Province, has a high concentration of production capacity. It is one of the major suppliers of textile fabrics, garment accessories and curtain fabrics in the country. Many textile companies are doing sanding cloth business. Therefore, the degree of homogenization is high.

"This year's market is not good. After coming in September, it has been tepid. On the National Day holiday, we have put a week off in the factory. This is relatively rare. At present, we are not afraid to open the machine in the factory. Stopped some parts to ease the pressure on inventory.” Zhang Zong, who has more than 100 water jet loom, said. It is reported that the Changxing water jet loom is currently maintained at around 70%, which is down 15%-20% compared with the end of September. “In the past, stocks were able to go 100,000 meters a week. Now it’s already a good one. It’s estimated to be in advance this year!” said another trader, Mr. Ye.

Supply exceeds demand and become the "big heart" of many bosses! Since 2017, the Changxing area has also played the role of “environmental rectification”. As of August 2019, retail investors outside the border of the Jiapu water jet loom have completed the signing of the phased agglomeration, and 226 households and 3,447 units have completed the “two breaks and three clears”. Many local bosses have repeatedly shifted their production capacity and continued to produce conventional products such as sanding cloth. Therefore, the overcapacity in the market is more obvious, and it has also caused the current market to be “difficult to see the peak season”.

In fact, the business operations of Haining, Changxing and other places also reflect the current status of many textile enterprises in the textile market. While the market for warp knitting began to show "warmness", while the other side of the water spray market is still "cold winds", in addition to the seasonal demand for products, the operating rate of the early warp knitting market has remained relatively low, ensuring The inventory does not exceed the warning line, so once the market improves, the overall mentality of the market is more obvious. The operating rate of water jet loom has been at a high level of 8-90%. The market supply is large, and the homogenization competition is obvious. It also makes it difficult to digest excess capacity even if demand improves, and the confidence of textile enterprises is obviously lacking.

Fortunately, the current raw material prices have been in a state of yin, the weaving manufacturers are not expected to experience the spurt of raw material plunging last year, at least the raw material is relatively safe; in addition, Sino-US trade is also continuing to release positive, have certain market The stimulating effect, coupled with the fact that many traders said that the demand for the e-commerce season is still increasing, perhaps the next day will not be very bad!

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