[Agricultural nonwovens affect agriculture]
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How does agricultural non-woven fabric affect agricultural production?

The application of agricultural non-woven fabrics in sheds has the following advantages:

1. Thermal insulation: Agricultural non-woven fabrics have lower transmittance for long-wave light than plastic films. Because the radiation in the night radiation zone is mainly based on long-wave radiation, the coverage and insulation effect is outstanding.

2. Ventilation and humidity regulation: Agricultural non-woven fabrics are composed of filaments on top of each other to form a mesh, which has a high void ratio, which is breathable, permeable, and automatically adjusts humidity.

3. Shading and cooling: Covered with colored non-woven fabric, it has the function of shading and cooling. Different colors of non-woven fabrics have different shading and cooling effects. The blackout effect is better than black and yellow is better than blue.

4, anti-aging: agricultural non-woven fabrics have undergone anti-aging treatment, the thicker the cloth, the lower the strength loss rate.

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