[24 hours of non-woven fabric production]
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In this sudden New Year's Eve "epidemic", "mask" unexpectedly became the hot word of the moment. There is a shortage of front-line medical personnel's masks, and "a mask is hard to find" in people's lives. The demand for medical protective masks has skyrocketed, and the pressure can be imagined. "What the people need, we produce what!", Qualified dust-free workshops have contributed as much as possible to produce masks, and Chinese companies have demonstrated their new era's responsibility at a critical moment.

So, what kind of production pressure does the upstream non-woven fabric manufacturer bear?


On-site visit to the upstream non-woven fabric producers of masks under the epidemic situation / Qingdao Furuixiang Plastic Technology Co., Ltd./Medical “meltblown non-woven” equipment started installation / formally put into operation in late March Mission and Responsibility


 Like every day since the resumption of work in the Year of the Rat, the workers on the Furuixiang production line are busy and nervously in the rumble of machine sounds. Friendly smiles are raised in the eyes through strict protection. They have long been used to special situations. Now, this silent communication; engineers are nervously assemble medical "meltblown non-woven" equipment than drawings. At this moment, they are really practicing the meaning of the phrase "time is life". It can effectively alleviate the demand for "meltblown cloth" in Shandong area and the entire North China area as early as possible; customers picking up the goods in the factory area hurriedly circulate. The newly-produced non-woven fabric products passed the inspection and passed quickly, as soon as possible, at the fastest speed. Conveying to the front line of mask production.


In the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, Furuixiang responded to the government's call for the first time to suspend the production of other types of non-woven fabrics with higher profitability, regardless of cost, to overcome numerous difficulties, and strictly observe the resumption regulations to ensure the health of each employee. Under the premise of safety, we focus on manpower and material resources to produce non-woven fabrics and protective masks for 24 hours without interruption.


"Non-woven products have a small profit, and now they have stopped most other orders with relatively higher added value. They have explained to each customer for understanding, and after this period of time, they will make up for it." Ms. Liang Yun stated that after too many explanations, she had been indifferent. "Every time the land in China is in trouble, the country and the government are our strongest support. The staff of the relevant posts have succeeded and rushed forward to protect the billions of Chinese people behind them. However, it is our turn to produce a copy. Works. "

"Return to work is difficult. We must ensure the health and safety of each employee. We take temperature twice a day, disinfect regularly, and equip with mask alcohol. At the same time, we must increase output as much as possible to achieve 24-hour operation. Logistics transportation is also a problem. When many people are afraid to go out, the employees who meet the conditions for resumption of work will all be employed after the company's notice. I am very moved. Everyone has worked hard for days, no complaints, and they will continue for a while. "

During the special period, we abide by the principle of less agglomeration and failed to talk with the workers. Ms. Liang Yun withdrew from the workshop to tell the current situation. Due to the shortage of manpower, she was busy on the production line all day long and had no sleep for many days.


"In the face of national needs, we have a firm heart. We have no second choice. We obey government decisions unconditionally, strictly abide by market supervision, and control quality and prices more stringently. In this country, uniting and fighting together to overcome the difficult crisis, "The epidemic" is a matter of urgency, and we can make a contribution, and our mission is glorious! "Said Ms. Liang Yun. Although her busyness and hard work made her look exhausted, her smile was sincere, her voice was bright, and her hope was full.


"A lot of money was invested in the introduction of high-tech equipment years ago, which has greatly increased the output, so that at this critical moment, more" life-saving "non-woven materials can be produced. Everything is worth it." In the production workshop, automation The new equipment is increasing its power and yielding considerable output.


From 25 years ago, Fu Ruixiang started a business with their husbands and wives, and now they rely on the concept of technological development to form a scale, which is also worthy of reference for many companies in transition. This is another story.


"For decades, our generation has witnessed earth-shaking changes in the lives of the country and the people, and greater realization of the value of life. Heaven will descend to the people, and the Chinese nation has suffered too much for five thousand years. It will inevitably be safe, and it must also be stronger, and always stand on the top of the east of the world. It must be. "Speaking of this, Ms. Liang Yun burst into tears.

The non-woven fabric under the sun is white and light, but it can be used repeatedly to protect life; countless tiny ideas can be gathered, and the wall can be invincible. Every Furuixiang person firmly believes that an extra effort at this time will allow one more "white angel" fighting against the epidemic to put on safety "armor", and there will be more health for ordinary people Protection. For this "believing a little more", they race against time and go all out.


What we see, what we do n’t see, what we hear, what we do n’t hear ... Amidst the uneasiness of the cruel and insidious enemy of the new crown virus attacking life ruthlessly, the entire country ’s so large social structure runs smoothly, It is supported by many, many companies like Fu Ruixiang who have a sense of social mission, and many ordinary people who keep their posts in obscurity like Furuixiang people.


Every ordinary person has his moment of highlight. Yes, it is shining in the glory of human nature in times of crisis.


I hope that the epidemic will be too early, you and I laughed Yan Yan, no longer cover your face. Sign medical and nursing staff who are on the front line, those who are nervous about coordinating transportation supplies, and civil and military personnel who maintain social order. All those who abandon their ego and stick to their positions and go to risk can temporarily unload the heavy burden. They decide Yes, I miss home, right? The wish of a worker who has been overloaded for a few days is that he can sit around with his family and eat dinner in an orderly manner under the warm lights.

Look, the sun is breaking through the clouds. Life is fragile and tenacious, multiplying from generation to generation; the history of human survival and struggle never stops.

Masks common sense:

The main structure of the medical mask is a three-layer non-woven fabric, also known as the SMS structure. The inner S layer is a common non-woven fabric with moisture absorption function; the outer S layer is a waterproof non-woven fabric with anti-fog; the M layer is the most important core layer, which is a melt-blown non-woven fabric treated with electret to filter bacteria. Suspended particles.

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