[Furuixiang non-woven fabrics welcome to inquire!]
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Furuixiang non-woven fabrics welcome to inquire!

Non-woven fabrics are widely used, such as: masks, surgical gowns, wet tissues, sanitary napkins, space cotton, etc. for medical and health; crop protection cloths, irrigation cloths, fruit baskets, etc. for agriculture; cement bags for industry, Filter materials, geotextiles, etc...

It can be said that non-woven fabrics have penetrated into all aspects of our lives, and everything large and small has its presence. The diversity of its materials also makes life full of convenience without increasing the economic burden.

Mr. Bi Huichuan has rich experience in the production of polypropylene spunbond non-woven fabrics. In April 1996, he established Qingdao Jufuxiang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of Qingdao Furuixiang Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.), dedicated to production, research and development. SMS, SS, S polypropylene spunbond non-woven fabrics.

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