[advantages of agricultural non-woven fabric]
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What are the application advantages of agricultural non-woven fabric?

1, insulation: agricultural non-woven fabric for long wave light transmission is lower than plastic film. Because the heat dissipation of the radiant area at night mainly depends on the long-wave radiation, so the covering insulation effect is outstanding.

2. Breathable humidity control: agricultural non-woven fabric is composed of long filament interlayed into a mesh, with a high voidage ratio, breathable, permeable and automatic humidity regulation.

3, shading: the use of agricultural non-woven cloth cover, with shading effect. Different colors of non-woven fabrics have different shading effects. Black is better than yellow, and yellow is better than blue.

4, anti-aging: agricultural non-woven fabric after anti-aging treatment, the thicker the cloth, the lower the strength loss rate.

Mr. Bi Huichuan has rich experience in the production of polypropylene spunbonded non-woven fabrics. In April 1996, he established Qingdao Jufuxiang Plastic Industry Co., LTD. (the predecessor of Qingdao Furuixiang Plastic Technology Co., LTD.), which is committed to the production and development of SMS, SS, S polypropylene spunbonded non-woven fabrics.

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